My Story

 I've been living and working as an artist in Tucson, Arizona for the past fifteen years. I graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design in 2001, had a career as an Illustrator for several years before making my way back to the Sonoran Desert. These days, I'm a humble studio artist, best known for portraiture. My studio is located in the Citizens Artist Warehouse––a bustling collective of over twenty-five artists in Tucson's thriving Downtown Warehouse Arts District.

Lately, my focus has been large collage pieces where I cut-up my existing paintings and piece them back together to make a larger abstract statement. For me, there are few things more cathartic than taking a knife to my own canvas. It allows me to cut-up the past, piece it back together again, and make new connections.

Between my collages and commissioned portraits, I teach art. Teaching for the past ten years has been an important part of my life's work and has helped define me as an artist––I very much appreciate the great rewards which come from doing it.

 Currently represented by Etherton Gallery: